student oboe reed, made by Mallar oboe reeds
backlit student oboe reed, made by mallar oboe reeds
backlit student oboe reed, made by mallar oboe reeds

Student Oboe Reeds, Mallar oboe reed

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Oboe Reeds For Discerning Students and Teachers 

Mallar oboe reeds were designed with student oboists and oboe teachers in mind. They are made to function well, play in tune, and have a beautiful tone, while still being affordable for both teachers and students.  

 Mallar oboe reeds were designed by oboe reed maker Aaron Lakota in a collaborative effort with one of the country's largest and most trusted manufacturer of double reeds. After many months of development and countless trials,  Mallar Reeds came into existence.  The goal was to create a student double reeds that would function at a high level, to help students to develop proper embouchure, support, and to be easy to play so that students can focus on the sounds they are creating and not fighting against their reeds.

-Each oboe reed is crafted using high-quality 47mm thick-walled brass staples, which offers great pitch stability. 

-Synthetic cork oboe staples offer easier insertion and removal of the oboe reed from the oboe, reducing the opportunity for accidental breakage. 

-The oboe reeds are designed to crow between B and C natural at 440. A stable and in-tune crow will allow students to play without biting while using proper support. 

-The reed is shaped to provide great pitch stability in all registers, not too wide and not too narrow. 

-Every oboe reed is hand finished, adjusted and play tested before being shipped. They are finished with the student oboist in mind and will satisfy the needs of the best teachers looking for an oboe reed solution for their students. 

-In-stock reeds ship within 5 business days through USPS first class mail. 

-Satisfaction is guaranteed. Please let us know if you are not happy for any reason within 7 days of receiving your reeds. We will work with you to refund or replace your order. Customers are responsible for return shipping on all orders returned to Mallar Reeds. 


Monthly oboe reed subscriptions. 

Would you like to ensure your oboist always has a supply of fresh oboe reeds in their reed case? Never again will you forget to order reeds for the upcoming concert with a monthly subscription. 
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backlit student oboe reed, made by mallar oboe reeds