Mallar reeds was started in 2019 with the goal of improving the quality of double reeds available to student oboists and bassoonists. Our mission is to bring access, affordability and quality to double reed players and their teachers. 

Access to double reeds for all students

Double reed instruments like the bassoon and oboe are known to be difficult to play. Some of the difficulty is due to students not having access to reeds that function properly. Students that excel on the instruments need to have a reliable source for oboe reeds or bassoon reeds. 

Reduced lead time

Mallar reeds provides U.S customers with short lead times or fewer than  three business days on in stock products. Some reedmakers measure their lead time and weeks or even months, Mallar Reeds aims to get your order out as quickly as possible. Have an important concert coming up? We have you covered!

The best oboe reeds and bassoon reeds on Amazon 

Mallar Reeds are also available on Amazon for an even quicker buying experience. Get your reeds as quickly as tomorrow by searching for us on Amazon. 


Affordable bassoon and oboe reeds

We are priced to be competitive with the mass produced reeds currently found in music stores and online marketplaces like Amazon. Quantity discounts are available for teachers wanting to have reeds on hand for their students, or parents wanting to have reeds on-hand for the double-reeder in their life. 


Mallar Reeds are designed to perform well first and foremost. Our reeds are designed to promote proper habits in areas such as support and embouchure. Our double Reeds are designed to be played without excessive biting, while encouraging students to develop the proper support needed to play bassoon or oboe. 

Each reed is adjusted by hand by an experienced musician who knows how to bring out the best quality.

We stand by each product we sell, and would like to know what you think. Please let us know if you have any problems or concern with any products you receive. We are happy to try to resolve any issues you might encounter.